The Best of The Long View Podcast: Conversations with Financial Advisors and Retirement Researchers

On this week’s episode of The Long View, we’ll recap some of our favorite moments from the podcast so far. 

Since the podcast’s launch in May 2019, we’ve had the chance to talk to some of the best portfolio managers, retirement researchers, and financial planners and advisors in the business. It’s been a treat to spend an hour each week chatting with them, and we’ve learned a great deal from each of the interviews. 

Last week’s episode included highlights from our interviews with portfolio managers. This week, we’ll feature some of our favorite clips from interviews with financial planners, advisors, and retirement researchers.

William Bernstein: ‘If You’ve Won the Game, Quit Playing’

Jonathan Clements: ‘It’s in Wall Street’s Interest to Make Everyday Investors Think That They Are Stupid’

Allan Roth: ‘I Embrace Dumb Beta’

Josh Brown: ‘Standardize the Process, Personalize the Advice’

Carolyn McClanahan: ‘There’s More to Money Than Just Numbers’

Sheryl Garrett: ‘The Industry Thought I Was Nuts’

David Blanchett: ‘If You’re Retiring Now You’re in a Pretty Rough Spot’

Michael Finke: Here’s What Makes Retirees Happy

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