Bull Markets, Behavioral Biases, and Blogs with Baird’s Michael Antonelli

If men are from Mars and women from Venus, it often feels like stock/bond investors are from Earth and us Alternative Investment folks are from Vulcan.  We’re digging in with the Bull and Baird blog’s author and Baird market analyst Michael Antonelli to hear how the earthlings (aka wealth management clients) actually think about investments, direct from the guy who is serving up what a whole bunch of them read week in and week out. How is he explaining this crazy investment world to them? In this episode we’re talking about appetite for alts investments, fee-based advisors, institutional equity trading, Culver’s custard, Patagonia vests, Star Wars fan-boying, the world breaking, portfolio diversification, wealth management, Robinhood & FANG driving gamma, what the rest of 2020 looks like, Wisconsin badgers,  Baird in retail trading, “golden age” of options trading, gamifying retail trading, if bonds are a flight to safety, investor patterns, election volatility, pelotons, Milwaukee’s best brewery, & starting a blog & popular Twitter handle.


00:00-1:41 = Intro

01:42-10:30 = Background, Blog & Baird

10:31-25:09 = Investments & the World Today

25:10-36:48 = Passive vs Active

36:49-49:48 = Fee Based Models & Talking Retail Traders of Robinhood

49:49-01:01:29 = The Rest of 2020, the Election & Moving into 2021

01:01:30-01:10:40 = Favorites

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& of course we said we’d provide Joe Biden’s ice cream/custard clip here.

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