Texas Style Trend Following with Salem Abraham

This episode’s guest, Salem Abraham, is a bit of a legend in the trend following/managed futures space, with his 30+ years of knowledge and experience making for some of the best stories in the industry (and one of our most entertaining guests to date).

In today’s episode we learn more about tiny Canadian, Texas; how you have to noodles and red sauce if in a contest to make the best spaghetti, the turtle traders, the tourist boat capsizing in front of the nude beach, talking how low oil can go, being buddies with Boone Pickens, honeybees, sending the first ever computer-generated orders electronically to the CME, trend following (of course), apple salads not equaling fruit salads, bonds at zero, and pecan & apple orchards.

Abraham Trading Company is a research-driven investment management company managed by Salem Abraham that now runs the Fortress Fund for endowments and institutional investors. Since 1988, Abraham Trading Company has managed alternative asset portfolios on behalf of families, individuals, foundations, endowments, and institutions.

Check out Abraham Trading’s website, and follow along with Salem himself on LinkedIn.

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