Weigh More than You Wanted to Know About Meat, with AgriTrend’s Simon Quilty

In this week’s pod, we’re doing something new and digging into the derivative market’s Ag roots in our first “Way more than you need to Know” series, starting with the Global Meat Markets. Joining us today discussing all things Meat in the world is Simon Quilty, from Melbourne, Australia, and also RCM’s very own Jeff Eizenberg, who handles all things Ag, including hosting the Hedged Edge podcast where they talk grown in the ground commodities once a month. Today we get an overview of the Global meat market: Beef, Poultry, and Pork, the main players and the main concerns, including labor and shipping shortages being a critical problem in securing food security around the globe. Simon talks about how he goes about hedging the various contracts providing risk management for the current disruption for in-demand meat products. We’re talking Cutouts, CME vs. Wholesale prices and how to manage that risk, using swaps and removing basis risk to help manage price risk, and how the big players in the meat industry navigate it all. Bacon? Who said bacon. We briefly discuss that cut of pork belly that most of the US and Canada love so much & the future of alternative food, Beyond Meat, and their questionable mark on the industry since COVID. Also, We Want the Beef! Why beef will continue to dominate the meat market and why inflation is fueling it right along.


00:00-02:44 = Intro

02:45-07:18 = From Dancing Lessons in Melbourne To Escaping Tiananmen Square

07:19-23:04 = How Big is the Global Meat Market? Who has it? Who needs it?

23:05-36:59 = Big Player’s Concerns & the Tightening of the Global Beef Supply

37:00-57:57 = The Hedgers Toolbox: Futures, Cutouts, Swaps & Offsetting Risk

57:58-01:15:12 = Bacon Lovers, Beyond Meat as a Bust, and a Little Lamb

01:15:13-01:18:34 = Favorites

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