Commodity Volatility, Global Macro, and Trend Following with Alan Dunne from Archive Capital

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The luck of the Irish is on our side as we celebrate today’s episode with Dubliner Alan Dunne, CEO and Founder of Archive Capital, a boutique multi-asset and investment research firm focused on global macro and managed futures strategies. Alan has worked in the financial markets and investment management industry for over 25 years at hedge funds and large investment banks as a CIO, hedge fund allocator, macro strategist, and technical analyst.

During our exciting chat with Alan, we focus on the crazy volatility in commodity markets, how macro traders have evolved over the years, and why crisis periods can be good for a trend managers’ track record. Plus, Alan plays “Where Would You Invest 10K, 100K, and 100 MM?” So, grab a green beer, keep calm, and shamrock on because we’re jumping right into the pot of gold this week!


00:00-01:16= Intro

01:17-17:29= Crazy Volatility spikes & Approaching Trend Following

17:30-26:01= Systematic Macro & Embracing Quant Strategies

26:02-40:37= Abbey Capital: Dispersion in the Trend Space & David Harding

40:38-54:47= CTA Due Diligence

54:48-01:05:53= Archive Capital: The Liquid Space / Podcasting

01:05:54-01:13:15= What would you invest in?

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