Wine as an Asset Class: Demands, Dilemmas, & Distribution with Vinovest's Anthony Zhang

You’re driving down the winding roads of Napa Valley, visiting the countless wineries, taking in the beautiful scenery, and enjoying the various pairings of meats, cheeses, and palate cleansers… But that’s not all that pairs well with wine. This week Anthony Zhang, an ambitious entrepreneur who created Vinovest, gives us the inside scoop on how wine is so much more than just those ‘soft’ descriptors, and can actually be considered an asset class. Even if Jeff asks… really? Is it really scalable and doable for large investors?

It’s no coincidence we’re dropping this week’s pod the day after National Wine Day. Grab yourself a glass of vino as Anthony aerates topics like; starting a company from a dorm room, getting paid to skip college, how wine gains value, why wine doesn’t need a token for Crypto, coping with paraplegia, and his outlook ahead. Plus, he gives us an exclusive insight into finding a gem within the wine list. This episode will make you want to sip, savor, and repeat — enjoy!


00:00-01:58 = Intro

01:59-17:46 = Side hustle turned startup, a Thiel Fellow & the Entrepreneur’s Trap

17:47-30:16 = Vinovest: Wine as an Asset Class

30:17-41:12 = Supply Dilemmas, Moving the crop, Do/Don’t Embrace Technology & How wine gets value

41:13-51:03 = Crypto? Why Wine doesn’t need a Token

51:04-56:49 = Beating Paraplegia and how to interact with the handicapped

56:50-01:10:55 = What would you invest in: Assets vs Wine / Finding the gem in the wine list

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