What happens in Vegas…. Gets Dished on this Pod. Overheard at a Derivatives Conference, Part 1

Viva Las EQ Derivatives… This week Jeff journeys back to the Windy City from Sin City, where he is joined by a special guest, Mutiny’s very own Jason Buck @JasonMutiny. In this episode, they give essential insight into this unique conference for options traders, hedge funds, and insurers. They break down everything you need to know about the event and key takeaways like what was being said, what wasn’t said, and what caught their attention.

Jason and Jeff dive into topics like; the vibes at EQD, Russian Energy, Commodity supercycles, Multi-Assets including Hedges/Risk Premia, Backtesting, Puts & Dips, the unknown (unknowns), the smartest guys in Vol, and so much more. But the fun doesn’t end there…we’re putting a part-2 to this discussion on Jason’s Mutiny Investing Podcast! So go check it out on your favorite podcast platform, Apple, Spotify, whatever you got…SEND IT!


00:00-01:50 = Intro

01:51-16:08 = Vegas Vibes, Russian Energy, “Greenflation”, term structure, Carry, & Commodity super cycles

16:09-27:36 = Multi-Asset Hedges, Risk Premia, Back testing, Puts & Dips

27:37-48:04 = The Unknown Unknowns: Skew is crashing, global risks, sell-offs, inflation, & the smartest guys in long Vol

48:05-58:19 = Liquidity & the S&P Index, Dispersion, & the end game for Supply of Derivative tools

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