Algorithmic Sports Betting, Trading Metals to Trending Commodities, & Crypto’s Future with Charlie McGarraugh of

We’re taking flight and zooming over to the big bend for a cheerio chat with Charlie McGarraugh, an ex-midwesterner turned londonite. Charlie is the Chief Strategy Officer at and has an impressive resume as a former mortgage-backed securities trader, head of metals at Goldman, founder of an algo sports betting company, and more.

In this episode, Charlie dives into living across the pond (in the metals and commodities space), starting the world’s LARGEST Bitcoin wallet (and selling it to, what’s going on in the Crypto space and what’s to come, and rebuilding and retooling a robust trend following CTA like Altis. This episode is hotter than your favorite Fish’N’Chips — SEND IT!


00:00-02:07 = Intro

02:08-16:26 = Is Goldman a Vampire Squid?  Living across the pond in the metals & commodities space

16:27-28:50 = Starting the world’s largest Bitcoin wallet, selling to and joining

28:51-46:22 = Crypto Carnage? What’s going on in the Crypto space and what’s to come

46:23-01:03:50 = Atlis: Rebuilding & Retooling a robust trend following CTA

01:03:51-01:08:08 = Hottest Take: Ether on the highs


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