Trend Following Crypto with Leigh Drogen of Starkiller​

What should we make of the recent crypto crash?  A sign this is all a scam? Or just another dip in the cycle? Gather round; you’re in for an interesting chat with the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Disciple on Twitter @LDrogen. A Long Island surfer turned quant turned crypto fund manager who shows us how you have to be able to hold two separate thoughts in your head to succeed in the wild world of crypto. We’re hanging ten and talking Crypto with Starkiller Capital’s Leigh Drogen. In this episode, Jeff and Leigh bond over their love of skiing, the inception of Starkiller, how he’s doing trend-following on a portfolio of coins with dynamic yield farming.

Jeff gets Leigh to dive deep on the long list of warts in crypto: shadow banking, yield swaps, yolo trades, Ponzi schemes – but also wants to know what the real opportunities are. They then talk just how you can do trend following on assets so volatile, how you even start to go about doing due diligence in this space, and how to hedge the book. Plus, Leigh’s in the hot seat giving us his views for preparing for the next 10x cycle — SEND IT!


00:00-01:44 = Intro

01:45-10:50 = Big Wave Surfing, Skiiing & Montana scenery

10:51-31:45 = The Warts of Crypto: Shadow banking, Yield Swaps, Yolo trades & Ponzi schemes

31:46-43:19 = Trading the coins: Trend following in the Volatile Crypto space

43:20-58:02 = Hedging the book, Coin rewards & farming for extra yields and liquidity

58:03-01:09:57 = Managing Risk & Stepping into the pool with a hazmat suit

01:09:58-01:16:11 = Hottest take: Preparing for the next 10x cycle

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